Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Pretty Peacocks Are Dudes

Teaching eight dance classes a week has been cutting into my blogging time! I'm sorry about the pictures from previous posts disappearing; I'm currently working on that and trying to troubleshoot it.

My days are filled up with this and that -- all the little things add up to hours passed and the next thing you know, you're faced with the decision to put down the crafting or make some lunch for yourself and your toddler...

The this and that of my life can be chalked up to these major accomplishments:

  • Making husband's t-shirt into loose, collarless t-shirt that looks great with skinny jeans and tall vintage boots. Don't tell him that it's his if he asks where said "new" shirt came from. If he reads it on your blog, change the subject and thank him for reading your blog.
  • Looking into application materials for grad school. Not that daunting, but still a lot of paperwork.
  • Making two seasonal toddies to accompany me to new peeps' pot luck dinner. Yes, I was the over-achieving foodie who had to cart in not just her toddler, purse, and baked-Brie-in-a-hot-pack but three additional bags of necessities to really give the drinkies the attention and pizzazz they needed in order to be properly experienced.
  • Laundry. Oye.
  • Combating cold toddler caught from plane. Or daycare.
  • Combating cold you caught from toddler.
  • Ordering rat costume (a cute rat!) for toddler on eBay. Be sure to look through every single costume offered. Seriously consider making him be a peacock for Halloween. After all, aren't the male peacocks the pretty ones?
  • Chatting it up with homeless person at the bus stop at 27th and Montana, debating the previous owners of clothing from St. Vincent's Thrift Store. No, I'm pretty sure they're not all from deceased persons. And no thank you, I'll pass on the handful of Pringles that was offered from said homeless person.
  • Ordering our first Bountiful Basket. We were very impressed with the variety, ripeness, and amount of produce we got for only $15! I kept waking up every three hours, though, on Friday night because I was so scared I'd sleep through the meek 15-minute window they give you to pick up your order. If you miss it, you lose it sister!
So... needless to say my poor project dress is still waiting for its bottom hem and for some bias roses at the neckline. Plus, my toddler decided to throw the spool of thread I was using for that project across the room, then tangle it in the rear wheels of a toy-sized John Deere tractor. So, add "Untangling vintage, rare thread" to the above list.

How are all of YOU doing??