Sunday, June 3, 2012

Homemade [felt] Pizza Tutorial

The popularity of Finn's felt food with little friends and that of my post on making it got me craving some handmade pizza today... well, handmade felt pizza, that is. I looked around online at other tutorials, but just decided to wing it -- and why not create my own tutorial in the process? Finn was napping. Daddy-O's in Mexico racing in the Baja 500 on a dirt bike. This all means prime time alone for some sewing, and I have lots of leftover felt from making all those felt cookies, French toast slices and squirts of ketchup back in December. I managed to get one slice sewn in about two hours, but keep in mind that I was slowing down progress to take pictures, to go to the next episode of 30 Rock on Netflix and, of course, consume more caffeine. So, it shouldn't take you nearly that long per slice, and as you sew more you will get into a rhythm that will make it go a little faster with each slice you create. I also sewed the "toppings" to the pizza because we don't already have enough small felt food items and other tiny toys littered around our house just waiting to be stepped on. You can certainly make these pieces individually so your kiddo can "make" his/her own pizza.

Felt sewing is so incredibly easy, and is an affordable way to get into handmade crafts and/or toys without having much sewing knowledge to begin with. Plus, felt is so forgiving! If you aren't happy with the way your stitches are looking, simply (and gently) snip them out and start over. This tutorial uses a blanket stitch, and if you are unfamiliar with this type of [simple] stitch, click here for a quick video on it.

This afternoon's tutorial was brought to you by 12 episodes of 30 Rock, two Diet Pepsis and some beautiful spring light coming in the windows near my sewing perch.

P.S. I just noticed that I accidentally left off embroidery needles from the supplies list below. While you can certainly use an ordinary sewing needle for this, embroidery needles are just a little easier to hang on to (and they don't cost any more than $5 for a three-pack.)


Next on the list? Felt cake! Stay tuned!