Sunday, December 30, 2012

I'm here! I'm here! Checking in, just in time for the New Year

Sorry for the silence for the last six months. Life has been... busy! New job, adjusting to a commute, being a sometimes-single parent, spending time with Mr. Husband, working on our house and sleeping occasionally have taken it out of me. Turns out that trying to do it all is quite time-consuming. Now add "teeny-tiny business owner" in there and I think I might be down to just one hour of sleep a night.

After the popularity of the felt food I made my son last year grew and grew and after completing a "test" run with some new sets this recent Christmas season, I finally decided to open an Etsy shop. There are not as many offerings on there as I've recently been selling, but I figured I have to start somewhere!

I have always enjoyed crafting and creating, but haven't done much with it in the last few years (enter Mr. Baby in 2010), so it's felt good to get back into it now that he's getting older and can actually enjoy what I'm making him. I've also always done things a little differently than everyone else, and offering my son (and others kids in my life) toys outside the mainstream options is fun. This is all part of me sort of reminding myself of who I was before baby... and melding it with who I am now as a mother. I'm learning it's a constant process and we don't always realize it's happening. So here's to the New Year and to making the best of who we are now and who we're going to become. Negativity is a waste of time and energy!! Smiley faces as often as possible!

So please check me out at 
Finnegan's Bakery on Etsy. I promise to update you and the shop more often, with more sets as I design them. For now, here's a preview of some of the "tasty" offerings we're mixing up over here:


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