Friday, September 2, 2011

Say Goodbye to Summer, Honey

I can't say that it's quite autumn yet, but I am definitely feeling like it's around the corner. Autumn is a very sentimental season for me. It's the season that a good friend lived with us for a while, it's the season of new beginnings for learning and the season of reunions in my experience. As I am slowly eeking my way out in a new society, I'm open to how and where Montana will be taking me this autumn.  I have been warned by longtime Montanians that Montana autumns are short and sweet... and are quickly pushed aside by the fierce Montana winters.

It was below 70 degrees yesterday, and I loved it. I can't wait for temperatures that necessitate tights, boots, scarves, layers and funky coats. I've already decided that the dress I'm making will look just lover-ly with a clashing slip peaking out the bottom with knit tights and tall leather boots... now I just need somewhere to wear it.

I'm still going to yoga 2-3 times a week, and even summoned the courage to try out the advanced yoga class. I only had to break posture a few times to rest sooner than everyone else and I am definitely sore today, but I'm glad for the added challenge. The dress is coming along -- I only have a few more pieces to cut out and then I'll be ready to start the sewing!! Keep your fingers crossed that the alterations I made to the pattern will still mean that it fits in the end.

I'll leave you with this: a salad with blueberries, blue cheese, scallions, honey-caramelized walnuts over fresh greens and Annie's Lemon & Chive dressing with a slice of French bread grilled in the residual honey left over in the pan.

Don't drool too much. Have a good weekend!

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