Thursday, December 8, 2011

Upcycle Yours!

This morning I woke up before the sun came up, at 5:24 to be precise. My brain was dreaming about sewing, patterns and colors, and it was building a pattern in my head for a present for someone... and then that stupid pattern woke me up. I have been sewingsewingsewing for the last six weeks, and the last three even more. I'm madly trying to finish up my Christmas projects, which I have been taking pictures of to post after Christmas (can't spoil the fun!).

In the meantime, my younger, hipper, cooler sister was visiting over Thanksgiving and we did A LOT of thrifting. We went to St. Vincent's, Nearly New, Montana Vintage Clothing and Montana Rescue Mission. I hope to post a picture soon of the amazing dress Kati found at Montana Vintage Clothing, but I also found a fun pair of olive green Gap slacks that have a black stripe down the side. Kati talked me into getting them by convincing me that this was a recent trend, and so I turned them into my latest pair of skinny jeans:

I am really getting into "upcycling," which is turning something you would otherwise throw away into something new. For those of you on Pinterest, a major upcycling craze right now is turning an old sweater into leg warmers that peep out from the top of your boots. I made my first pair of these yesterday! I'll post pictures after I hem them. 

Have any of you upcycled something? What's on your Christmas project list?
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  1. Hi Shannon! You won my Shabby Apple giveaway! I'll look to see if you left your e-mail.