Saturday, August 13, 2011

Big Montana Sky

Weekends are turning out to be the hardest part of being up here alone without Rob. There aren't as many organized events going on and most places we are starting to frequent are closed, especially on Sundays. But we are continuing to fight the good fight... with good food! Tonight we're having a fresh pizza made from a flatbread I got from the farmers market with some fresh basil, toms, onion and orange peppers. I'm going to try using some Yves pepperoni instead of traditional pepperoni to try and cut some of the fat and to try something different, too.

The farmers market was a delight today, especially because we met up with some new friends from the library, Ana and her one-year-old daughter, Sophia. A Scottish orchestral band was playing, and the drummer even gave Sophia and Finn a go at his bodhran drum:

It was pretty cute to see Finn and Sophia dancing around, somewhat uncertain of the crowds and the drummer but curious all the same.

I also found this affordable bottle of Grooner wine at Good Earth Market that I'm going to enjoy a glass of after Finn goes to bed. 

I think I'll sit out on the back steps and toast this big Montana sky that's above my head every night. You know, it really is bigger up here... maybe if anyone else is reading this before tonight, you can meet me out there, wherever you are...


  1. Our "big" Illinois sky just shined a rainbow! I'm with you on the porch with wine in hand!

  2. I just picked up a bottle of Texas wine by Miranda Lambert's family today and will be sipping it with you under our big Texas sky while the sun is setting tonight.

  3. Like I said the other day, there's something about you and the skies. I hope that glass of wine tasted better than usual.