Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Helloooo! (Was that an echo?)

So, here are my first thoughts to go out! I have recently relocated to Montana, and aside from the geographical change, I'm going through some lifestyle changes, too. I am staying home with my 15-month old son, Finnegan, and working from home. Don't get me wrong -- I'm thankful for the extra time with him, but it is definitely an adjustment to go from spending eight hours a day with adults who have a handle on the English language to someone who poops his pants and has a three-word vocabulary.

I'm an admitted foodie, and love to thrift and vintage hunt. Last night I made veggie pizza for Finn and myself, and paired it with a Somersault beer (for me -- c'mon now!) from New Belgium, a brewery that's near and dear to me as it hails from Ft. Collins, CO, a place we visited a lot back home. Finn gobbled the pizza down, and I was a tiny bit sad that I couldn't call Marie to come over and have some... but soon enough we will have other moms and babies to share pizza with, I'm certain of it.

This blog will be a place to keep in touch with everyone back in Nebraska, to make new friends, and to be a common ground for other eclectic mamas that share a passion for natural foods, flavorful cooking, world cuisine, thrifting, alternative music and baby-raising in general. The title is an homage for two things I am obsessed with: anything vintagey and... lavender. Fooled you with that one, didn't I! I put lavender in just about anything I can: cookies, coffee, pancakes, cocktails, the bath tub. Yes, lavender is edible (Note: If you're intrigued, check out what culinary lavender is all about).

I might toy around with the look and feel of Vintage Violet Mama until I get it just right, but please keep reading... I am excited for wherever this blog takes me. :)



  1. I am so excited for this blog! Welcome to the blogosphere and have fun.

  2. You rock, Violet Mama~ you're an inspiration to many and I look forward to more from you~ whether it's funky lavendar cooking or about the growing 3-word vocabulary, it's all wonderful ;) Saramichelley

  3. Hello Darling! I'm adding you to my blog roll in anticipation of lots of amazing writing coming from my extraordinary talented long-time friend and nearly little sister. Love you doll and happy blogging :)

  4. And if you ever want buttons for your blog let me know, I will, of course, make them for you for free.