Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Making New Bloggie Friends (and give-aways!)

As I keep lamenting about, I have been spending a lot of time at home. And where does a majority of that time pass? Why, in front of my laptop of course! (Aside from a stint of Play Dough-making yesterday that has resulted in me having pink and purple tie-dyed hands...) I've recently been invited to Pinterest, and feel like my eyes have been opened to a bigger realm of like-minded people, mamas, ideas, beauty and even humor that previously felt too overwhelming to digest. Pinterest sure does make all the chaos of that seem a bit more organized.

With that, I came across a cool site via Pinterest called Easily Dunn. I was checking out a tutorial she had listed about how to repurpose an old, too-small, too-short sweater. I actually tried it with a white cotton long-sleeved t-shirt I had that was very soft and thin but I felt like it made me look droopy... so I made it into a sort of cotton cardigan. Love it. I can't wait to embellish it!

With that, she is offering a give-away today! It's for a handmade bracelet made of Caribbean blue glass beads that are simple yet bright and eye-catching. Check out how to register for the give-away here! The bracelet is made by Sunshine Bliss Studio on Etsy, and coincidentally their jewelry is right up my ally -- it's bright, natural, bodied and unique. Kind of like me, right?! My favorite pieces have copper, which I have a weakness for...

Here's zee beauty up for grabs!!

I'll shall be updating more frequently now, sharing my new bloggie friends and forcing myself to tear away from Pinterest for a few minutes to share the knowledge!

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