Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Multitasking: Sewing and Baking at the Same Time

I have recently thrown myself into a new project (Sigh... yes, my earlier dress project never got finished.). I have decided that I will be hand-making as many Christmas gifts as I can, starting with my son. And being as he's only 18 months old, I am still able to pull off this kind of gift-giving. He has recently started to mimic a lot more than usual, to "role play." As usual, I am drawn to the times of the past, when toys were more of a craft, more well made. Toys were made with more time and care as they were usually made from hand. They reflected a family's culture and tradition and even their habits, and they also reflected what was going on in the world of invention. If you're really interested in the best toys of the last century, Time magazine has compiled a list. Take a look and I'm sure you'll see many of your favorites -- and realize how old some of them were even when you started to play with them!

With that, I have decided to make my son three different sets of play food, all made from felt. Food and cooking is a big part of our family routine, and are a way that we interact with each other. I scoured the web, and settled on three patterns from Sweet Emma Jean on Etsy. I decided to jump in with both feet and bought three patterns: "Summer Cookout," "Tea Party Cookies," and the "French Toast Breakfast." She has so much more, too-- Thanksgiving dinner, pizza, sandwiches, ice cream, pie! I just might have to go back for seconds. Here is what I have accomplished in the last four days:

The chips have tinfoil in them to give them the crinkled look.

Close up of the cute little pickles and tomato slice.

This is only a fraction of the cookies! I am tucking a few into my niece's birthday gift, too.

Additionally, I have plans for my husband's Christmas gift but can't post too much in case he reads this. Even though not every family or every child has the time to commit to all homemade gifts this season, give it a shot.  Widen your idea realm and realize that not all homemade gifts are sewn or glued (in case you're not a craftsy person) -- did you used to weld or wood work? What about home-baked gifts (I would, hands down, agree that this might ultimately be the best gift.)? Impress yourself! What are you going to make?!


  1. Just wanted to say....I think you are amazing!! Wow...look at that food. You truly are a foodie :o) Along with such an fun and creative mom. You really should sell your food on-line. You have so many talents...I am thankful that I get to see so many of them first hand. I love you sister!

  2. Shannon...these are a work of art!! You could go into business just selling these and make a mint!! I see Pottery Barn Kids all over this:-)